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"Do you trust me? We can do this. You and me, as one."


Pure heaven, or should I say Valhala 😏

the most epic shit ever


i literally can only listen to this at certain times because it makes me so emotional

This is the definition of epic


Before now i did not believe music could reduce me to tears so quickly. This is beautiful!

I listen to this daily. Genuinely.

You know, THATPART at the end gives me the same kind of rush as “Test Drive”…




like, please watch httyd 2 and watch how fluidly and lifelike the characters move. BUT unlike earlier films like shrek, it’s not creepy or uncanny. it’s natural and gives the characters a whole new dimension of life.







they all just move SO smoothly i love it

see this is why the movie took 5 years

perfecting movement

This is why I was unable to properly pay attention to the story the first time I saw HTTYD 2. My mind was blown XD


I initially just set out to make a saddle but I really like drawing these guys (I cant stop) so I may have gotten carried away.  Ive always had a problem with detail and man made objects.  So I wanted to buckle down and try to draw a less boring saddle. The rings act as stirrup as well as hand holds so that the rider can have something to help them under the Hammerball when doing the roll attack.  Its filled with metal plates for durability, and to add to the Hammerball’s natural armor.

I might go through more designs for this.  Maybe a more rounded one that lessens the width that the rider has to sit on.  They have necks like a draft horse’s belly. Its made so that the rider can sort of shift around in the saddle without being locked to one position, sitting more forward for slower speeds, and shifting back for faster flying.

I also added rather large platelike scales to the Hammerball’s back and neck to give it a more armored look. Like swords would just bounce off it.


I’m sorry for that, everyone. :( I kind of had a breakdown in the middle of school and couldn’t calm down for a few hours, so I reacted too harshly to that and I just gave the troll the attention it wanted. I’m so sorry I screwed up really bad I’m sorry

Don’t worry about it! I would have reacted the same way, if it was me. School can be a real pain in the a** sometimes. Geez.

I try not to let trolls get to me, but sometimes you’ve just got to let it out somewhere, I guess c: That is why I have anon off most of the time.

Don’t be sorry, the only person who should be sorry is the troll, to be honest.


I cannot tolerate people who think animated movies are for kids. If you cannot appreciate the years of work that goes into writing and animating and editing and everything else because of a PG rating I am sorry for you, friend, because you are missing out. No, actually, I’m not sorry for you, I am absolutely downright disappointed in you. No “more for me,” no “suit yourself,” no. It takes me a good hour to draw a good, shaded, detailed, graphite, full-body, single-framed, still picture of Jack Frost can you even imagine how long it takes to animate Merida’s hair!? A full ninety minutes of that luscious red mane bouncing in all directions how do you even???????????? If you cannot even marvel at how absolutely beautiful animation is I have zero time for you. Have you seen Toothless’s eyes though? Have you seen those pupils contract? Have you seen Rapunzel’s hair glow? Have you seen Elsa transform? Have you seen Hiccup’s stubble? Jack’s clothes flapping in the wind as he fights Pitch? Have you seen Merida’s hair wet? Have you seen how much older everyone in How to Train Your Dragon 2 is? Like they had to start from scratch the characters are so different that must take FOREVER! Have you seen the fabric of Anna’s dress?Have you seen the details in Hiccup’s new gear? Have you seen the veins in Hiccup’s mom’s neck? Have you seen the paintings in Anna and Elsa’s ballroom? What about the paintings in Rapunzel’s tower? And the whole stretch from when she and Eugene get to the city up until they leave? When they’re dancing? The lanterns? Have you seen the dragon swarm in the nest? Have you seen Pitch’s shadow monsters, or all of Tooth’s little fairies? Have you seen the crowds? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW BEAUTIFUL AND DETAILED THAT IS?!The have separate people animating different parts of the same character do you know how crazy animating entire crowds is!? And doing it well, with detail? I’m sorry but if you think animated movies are just for kids I cannot be friends with you.

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